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pdlzip 1.2 (2011-01-09)

Long Description:
pdlzip for OS/2. Pdlzip is a lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm, with very safe integrity checking and a user interface similar to the one of gzip or bzip2. Pdlzip decompresses almost as fast as gzip and compresses better than bzip2, which makes it well suited for software distribution and data archiving. Pdlzip is also able to decompress legacy lzma-alone (.lzma) files. Pdlzip is a public domain version of the lzip data compressor, intended for those who can't distribute GPL licensed Free Software. Pdlzip is written in C. Pdlzip uses public domain compression code from the LZMA SDK written by Igor Pavlov. Copyright (C) 2010, 2011 Antonio Diaz Diaz. This file is free documentation: you have unlimited permission to copy, distribute and modify it. The file is a data file used by configure to produce the Makefile. It has the same copyright owner and permissions that configure itself. (

Program Contact:
Elbert Pol
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Upload Date:
2022-03-01 00:00:00
Archive Date:
2022-03-02 05:27:45

Runs on:
OS/2 Warp 4.52 or later

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